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Our Success Stories - A New Home, A New Start, A New Life !

Thank You to all the wonderful people who have given these dogs a second chance. In return they have received so much from our breed.


Please, anyone willing to offer a very good family home where one of our rescue dogs will live as part of the family please contact the Rehoming Officer Judy on 03 9796 9842


Our Breed is a very social animal and requires a great deal of human contact. We do not allow our dogs to go to homes where they are restricted to outside, they must be part of the family ! 


Dogs Who We've Helped to Find a New Beginning in Loving Home



Tigga - She has settled in well at her new home and is enjoying regular long walks 'sniffing the roses' as she goes. Her new dad describes her as an elegant sweetie !!! Cooper - Cooper has settled straight into his new home and he loves attending his local GSD training branch to make new friends. He is a great dog and loves attention from his dad
 Tyson - this fantastic boy has settled in well and has two other dogs to play with
Simba- is very happy in her new home and is enjoying lots of ball games with her family
 Erica - Enjoying the wide open spaces of her new home with Michael and Monica
 Dezzie - is a 5 year old girl who needed a new home that would care for her and help her experience the best things in life. Now she has that home
 Mischa - was rehomed in December 08.  She took a little while to settle into her new home and learn to be on her best behaviour, but now she sees the light at the end of the tunnel – she knows her new home is great and her new family love her
 Zali - was rescued 'just in time' from a pound, and rehomed into a new loving environment where she will be well cared for and loved. A lovely young dog who is making a fresh new start in life
 Jack - This gentle 12 yr old soul has found a new loving home to spend the rest of his days, with lots of love and kindness, plenty of food and a warm bed inside at night - what more could a boy ask for ! Jack is the gentlest and most loving dog who was surrendered, but will now be well cared for
 Rex - has found a new family home to enjoy and has a new pal in Thunder. They love being at the beach house ! Rex is sadly missed by his previous owners who could no longer look after him
 Dillay - an elderly bitch taken in and loved by a very loving and kind elderly lady
 Tammy - a NSW bitch found in dreadful conditions, she travelled to Victoria and now lives very comfortably with a lovely family
 Eden - so named because after suffering so much and having her ears so badly eaten she found her Eden ! It took a lot of care to save her life by a very special lady in NSW. Eden then made the journey to Tasmania to her new home with one of the nicest family’s - thank you! Eden Update: I thought Eden had fitted into our little family and was perfect for us but each day she continues to grow into so much more. It brings tears to my eyes sometimes to see the love my little man who still is only 15 months old has for her. Often when I come home from picking him up from child care I let him out of his pram and he races to the fence where Eden is waiting. Eden can put her head through the fence and Joseph hugs and she gives him good licking, just gorgeous to see. She is friendly to everyone who visits but I know her size alone would keep the unwanted at bay in times at need. You only have to see when we are out walking. She stays close to me or walks close to Joseph's pram. I really do want to thank you for giving us a chance to have Eden in our lives
Jade - now here is a story! but enough to say a truly great family and a very special lady has given this bitch a happy place to call home. 
update:    Jade surprised all recently, here's the story. "I was having a bad day with falls and I took a bad one that left me winded on the floor for sometime, Jade was outside at the time but came running in. When she saw me she just flopped on me and started to whimper and lick me all over, she never left my side till I could get up, then just followed me for the next 3 days till she knew I was all right again. She even slept with her head on the bed, watching me and if I made a sound she came up on to the bed and gave me a big lick. I never thought she would do that, she has surprised me and I love it, it's not even 12 months that we have had her, and she is just the best thing that has happen to us since the birth of our son. Every day she fits more and more into our family, it's as if we had her from a puppy not at 5 years of age. She has been spoilt with treats since then and lots of cuddles. I would not change her for the world and now know that if l needed her, she would be there, one of the best rescue dogs ever !
 Indi - A young bitch successfully rehomed, she now has her permanent place to live and be loved with Ray and Carol. She reguallry attends Gippsland branch, where she has progressed from class 1 to 3.
 for our new lives !!!
Moby - a really well adjusted dog now that he has this family to care for him - thank you 
Kasey - an elderly bitch found a place to spend her last days in the care of a very lovely and kind lady, thank you


 Thank you everyone for helping us !! 


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