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German Shepherds as Police Dogs




Requires Male and Female German Shepherd Dogs up to 2 and a half years of age. The dogs need to be pedigreed, healthy and preferably entire, with a strong outgoing temperament, must posses a strong desire to retrieve and be well socialised.

The Dog Squad is also looking for prospective Brood Bitches up to 4 years of age, the same criteria for dogs and bitches applies.

We are willing to purchase suitable animals.

Contact: John Mellios

Ph: 03 9333 1300  

Puppy Walkers WANTED !

The Victorian Police Dog Squad is on the lookout for puppy walkers who fulfil the following demanding criteria - 

1. The pup is to be brought up in a loving devoted family environment, by those who have a passion and are enthusiastic about dogs.

2. They must have a standard block of land that has appropriate security.

3. Possessing other dogs does not preclude one from becoming a puppy walker.

4. It is mandatory that the family have the commitment and lifestyle that permits the time necessary to socialise and exercise the dog. It should be taken into account that these dogs are not “show dogs”, but potential operational Police Dogs.

5. The Victorian Police Dog Squad will meet all feeding and veterinary expenses throughout the fostering period, and afford all support necessary.

If you feel that you can help, and would like to discuss this matter further, please contact the Victorian Police Dog Squad, during office hours on telephone 9333 1300.