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Kaiser and Morgan - Lifesaving Dogs

Kaiser and Morgan - Lifesaving Heroes


At the GSDCV 84th Championship Show in November 2009, local dogs Kaiser (Aiesha Gunnys Gangster) and Morgan (Arristar Inka) were presented with a Special Recognition Award, accepted on their behalf by their proud owners Denise and Reuben Nicholson.

The Special Recognition Award was inscribed: In recognition of the assistance, care and loyalty shown to Tony during his medical emergency whilst home staying at Denise and Reuben’s property.


Kaiser and Morgan are two very special dogs.

Denise and Reuben Nicholson live on a 10 Acre property in Clematis. A long winding driveway through the property meets up with the home overlooking the valley below. When Denise and Reuben went on an overseas holiday in 2008, Denise’s brother Tony came and lived in their house to look after the property and, of course, the animals.

When Denise and Reuben left early Saturday morning, Tony appeared perfectly happy and in good spirits. All seemed well. The following morning, after feeding the dogs and the horse, Tony went up the long driveway to collect the paper at the front gates.

Exactly what happened next is unclear, but Tony came to and found himself on the ground, with both Kaiser and Morgan licking his face profusely. He had had a massive heart attack and the dogs were responsible for bringing him round!

He managed to get to his feet and as he made his way back to the house the dogs walked one each side of him to steady him. At the house he was able to call an ambulance. He was rushed to hospital and underwent a triple bypass operation. Tony was extremely lucky to have survived and be alive!

The family believes and is thankful that these two wonderful German Shepherds saved his life. Everyone was amazed and the whole family will be forever grateful to Kaiser and Morgan.In 2008 at their local Eastern training branch Kaiser and Morgan were awarded “Hero Awards” in recognition of their wonderful actions.

Denise, Rueben, their family, and of course Tony are forever indebted to Kaiser and Morgan for their life saving acts that day.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria is proud to recognise two of its own heroes.

Congratulations to Kaiser and Morgan! 

The Special Recognition Award was presented to Kaiser, Morgan, Denise and Reuben on October 31st 2009 by GSDCV Club President Dom Cafari. 



Photo courtesy Noreen Symes