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At the 2016 GSDCA AGM, member clubs approved the introduction of the Character and Working Assessment (C&WA). The objective of the C&WA is to promote and offer guidance for the uniform development of the German Shepherd Dog Breed and to consolidate and improve its character and temperament as part of the breed’s inherent working qualities. 

Since that time, the GSDCV has been working towards making the test available to all interested members, with eligible dogs. This is a voluntary test and there is no fee for participation. Eligible dogs will only be accepted if application is made on the prescribed form, which must be submitted to the state C&WA coordinator no less than seven days prior to the advertised date of assessment. A maximum of twenty dogs will be assessed on any given day. If there are more than twenty applicants, a ballot shall take place to determine the participants. 

Date: Sunday 9th April 2017 commencing at 11.30am

Venue: GSDCV Clubrooms, KCC Park

Eligibility: Any pedigreed, Kennel Control registered German Shepherd Dog between the ages of twelve (12) months and eight (8) years, with basic obedience (i.e. sit, stand and walk on loose lead) shall be accepted for C&WA.

Application form can be found by following this link on the GSDCV website.

Completed forms can be returned via

Email to Julie Urie E: 

Or by mail to C&WA Coordinator 

J. Urie 

P.O. Box 626 

Cockatoo 3781