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SV Judge for GSD's at the 2013 Royal Show !!

The RASV have recently announced the appointment of SV judge Herr Hans-Peter Fetten (Gmy) for the 2013 Royal Melbourne Show. The highlight will be the provision of critiques and gradings for GSD's - not usually seen at the Royal. This will be a great opportunity to showcase GSD's to the public in the show ring and for them to hear and learn 1st hand from the judge the winning attributes of our dogs. Lets make a big show of it in 2013 !!!. Start your plans now, and look out for more info for exhibitors from the GSDCV as we put plans in place for a very successful show day for GSD's at the 2013 Royal !!! Don't miss this opportunity!. See the press release below or download the pdf here Read the FAQ's for GSD Exhibitors here