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Rehoming Dogs

The GSDCV, via our Rehoming program can facilitate in finding homes for German Shepherd Dogs. We are NOT a rescue organisation, but a rehoming service. The Rehoming Coordinators are only able to provide details of people who have dogs that need rehoming. They can NOT take your dog

Information in relation to dogs needing homes is provided and negotiation of adoption arrangements is the responsibility of those who have a dog that needs rehoming and the person(s) wishing to rehome that dog. Animals for rehoming are on a 'referral' basis only i.e. The owner of the dog, and the person interested in adopting the dog, are put in contact with each other. We take no responsibility in the decision or choice of the owner giving up their animal to other persons who may provide the dog with a home.

FEES: If you offer to provide a new home for an available dog, there is an administration fee of $50, payable by you as the 'new' owner of the dog. If you currently own a GSD that you wish to find a new home for using the rehoming service, an administration fee of $50 applies, payable by yourself as the current owner  

If you are considering finding a new home for your german shepherd dog, please read the attached article 'do you really have to give up your german shepherd?' before making any final decision.

If you have a dog you wish to rehome, complete the Information Form (download, Save & Send) and contact us below

Anyone willing to offer a very good family home where one of our rescue dogs will live as part of the family please complete the adoption questionnaire (download, Save & Send) and return it to us, and then contact the following: 

GSDCV Rehoming Officer:  Email us or ring Judy on ph 03 9796 9842

If you have found a lost german shepherd dog, please read the attached Tracing Lost Dogs article, or contact us via our Contacts page on this website.

Dogs Currently Available for Rehoming (below, if available)

Disclaimer: The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria offers no warranty of any kind in relation to any dogs offered for rehoming through the Paws for Thought Program. The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria does not enter into any negotiations between the owner and buyers or rehomers and remains an independent entity. The Committee of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria reserves its rights to decline or withdraw any listing or cancel this site without prior notice.

It seems Scout has found herself a new home. Thank you everyone who offered to help.

Scout has had obedience training and walks well on her lead and is usually easy to live with but is exhibiting some signs of confusion and anxiety following the loss of her owner. Scout is speyed, microchipped and fully vaccinated.

She is currently staying in Trafalgar.If you can offer Scout a new home where she will receive lots of loving care and attention please ring Judy on 9796 9842 or 0437 994 212


We have two black and tan seven year old dogs seeking new homes. The male Simba and female Nala are currently in kennels having been surrendered by their previous owner. Both are friendly dogs, in good health, although Nala will need some ongoing treatment for an elbow. Neither has been around children or cats so would best be in a household of adults with no cats or other small animals. They don’t appear to have any vices, but would benefit from some obedience training. Both are microchipped, vaccinated and neutered.

If you feel you could offer a new home to either or both of these dogs please ring Sylvia on 0407 362 319 or email on 

Tia has a new home !! She is a black and tan 18 month old female who unfortunately has grown too tall to be a show girl. She has been living with two other Shepherds, and is quite outgoing. She is not accustomed to cats, and has had little direct contact with children. Tia doesn’t have any health issues or vices, and travels well in the car. As Tia has been trained for show she will need some obedience work, but being a smart dog this should not take too long.


Output has a lovely new home with Simone and Garry and is loving having a great doggy friend to play with – but he’s still trying to work out how to get the better of the cats!

Output is a wonderful three year old, de-sexed German shepherd. He has been a very much loved part of his family and his humans are devastated that they need to find a new home for him. Output is well behaved inside and doesn’t climb onto furniture or chew things, and is equally happy to spend the day outside when his humans are not home. He is a great combination of being affectionate, loving and protective. He hasn’t been raised around children, other dogs or cats.

Output suffers from hearing loss (he only has 25-50% of normal hearing) so a quiet environment is better for him, and his intelligence means that he can mostly compensate for any hearing loss. His biggest problem is if something or someone suddenly appears in his line of sight, which can cause him to react. But understanding his circumstances and taking his particular needs into account in his everyday life can overcome any obstacles. Output’s favourite pastime is chasing his ball and he loves pepperoni pizza and pancakes. He will more than reward anyone who takes the time to love him and let him into their family. Ideally he would go to a home with an acre or two, and possibly with an older female dog with whom he could share the ball games he loves so much. 


Jezza has been rehomed. He is a four year old entire black male

Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, Jezza isn’t able to stay with his mum so needs to find a new family to live with. Jezza is a friendly dog, who loves people, gets on well with other dogs and has had basic obedience training [but could do with a bit more]. He travels well in the car. Jezza hasn’t spent much time around cats so just in case it would probably be better there weren’t cats in his new home.

Nawab rehomed- thanks to Ken who was able to give this young boy a new home so quickly!!   He is an almost two year old desexed black and gold male needing a home as soon as possible. He is a family dog, used to children, but has no experience with cats.

Mateo – has a new home and a new dad !!.

He is a lovely three year old dog looking for a new home. Little is known of his early years as he was surrendered to the Pound when he was two, but it is known that he is pedigreed dog. Mateo currently lives with two other dogs in a family with teenage children. He is an affectionate dog that enjoys being around people and playing all those great dog games. He loves the attention!  He is friendly when meeting other dogs and people when out walking. He is good in the car but so far hasn’t travelled long distances. Mateo has no medical conditions and is a friendly dog to be around. His current owner feel they can’t give him the attention he needs and would love him to have a home where he will have the care and fun he deserves. 


Walker - has a new home !

Walker is a wonderful five year old male seeking a new home.

He is a very friendly dog and a big softy - he loves cuddles and having his belly rubbed. Walker loves playing fetch, but isn’t that great at bringing the ball back. He is fine with dogs, cats and other animals. He has always been around children and loves them.

Walker hasn’t ever shown any behaviour problems and is an easy dog to live with. He does have a bit of an allergy that can cause ear problems but this is easily managed. 

Walker is desexed, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped. He is an indoor dog but happy to spend time outside. He is housetrained. 

Ring Judy on 9796 9842 is you feel you can give Walker a new home.


Shelby - has a new home !
Shelby is a nine and a half year old female Shepherd urgently in need of a new home. Her mum and dad are returning to Canada and had arranged a new home for her but unfortunately these plans have fallen through at the last minute.
Shelby is a laid-back girl accustomed to living inside. She loves playing and going for walks but mostly enjoys being with her family. Shelby is fine with visitors and children, although she hasn’t ever lived in a household with children. She gets on with other dogs as long as they don’t rush at her. She has never shared her home with another dog so would be best suited as the only dog. She is speyed.


Albert - has a new home :)

 he is a 3 1/2 year old black and tan entire male who is seeking a new home. He is a placid dog, but does enjoy a lot of attention. He loves going for his daily walks, playing games and just being active. He loves water and can swim very well. When left alone at home he needs things to keep him occupied, soft toys, balls etc. He doesn't like cats, but is good around children. has a new home

Pebbles is a four and a half year old bitch desexed. Pebbles has a great temperament and will make an exceptional companion. She is good with older children but a little quick on her feet for the younger ones.

Rocky - has found a new home !!

Rocky is a five year old black longcoat German Shepherd.  He is a happy and loyal dog, full of energy and extremely playful. He has not been neutered. He has never shown aggression to any person or animal, and is good with kids of all ages. Rocky grew up with two young girls and has been taught how to behave with them. Rocky gets on well most dogs.