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Show Entry (Subsequent)

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Use this entry form for entering any subsequent dogs in this show. You MUST have entered your 1st dog using the Intial entry form. This subsequent entry does not include your catalogue or VCA levy. Entry of initial dogs should be done by selecting the Show Entry (Inital entry) option, and completing each dogs details. Please include Titles, Breed Survey, HD and ED status on entry form.

 If you wish to enter a BABY, Minor or Puppy class, please use the Puppy Entry option

When you have entered all dogs (use the Continue Shopping option in the Cart), proceed to checkout for submitting entry and payment by credit card.

Price: $32.00

enter as dd/mm/yyyy

'pending' is not acceptable. Entry will be rejected

If bred by Exhibitor, state 'EXH'

Enter your Canine Control Membership number

I hereby apply to enter the forgoing exhibit in terms of an upon the conditions set out in the Association Constitution Rules and Regulations by which l agree to be bound, and l hereby certify to the correctness of the particulars enclosed hereon