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IMPORTANT Information for Breeders

GSDCV Breeders should note the following points, and are reminded of their obligation to adhere to VCA and ANKC Guidelines

VCA Regulations, Codes, Policies & Procedures

3.3.9 (15.12.10) Part 3 page 5 Pregnant Bitches
A bitch is prohibited from exhibition for the period (4) weeks after mating until (10) weeks after whelping, unless the bitch has Veterinary clearance to do so, which must be produced on the day of exhibition/competition.

Part 20 Codes
20.1.15 A member shall not permit any of that member’s pure bred dogs to be mated to a dog of a different breed, to a cross bred dog, to an unregistered dog of the same breed, or to a dog not on the Main Register without the prior approval of the Victorian Canine Association Inc.

ANKC Regulations
8.6 German Shepherd Dog
Effective 16.10.2005 litters, resulting from the mating of German Shepherd dogs under the age of 18 months (either the Sire or Dam) at the time of mating, are eligible to be registered on the Limited Register only and flagged ‘NOT TO BE UPGRADED’. (Amended 10/07, 6.3.1)

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