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Are You Considering Breeding Your Dog?

So you have decided to mate your bitch.

She has successfully passed through all the GSDCA schemes- Tattooed, “A” Stamp for Hips, “Z” Stamp for Elbows and Class 1 or Class 2 at Breed Survey.

You have chosen a suitable Stud dog.

Stud Dogs FAQs 

What Paperwork should the owner of the Stud Dog be able to show you?

The Stud Dog’s Victorian Canine Association (VCA) Registration Certificate

                              Breed Survey Certificate

                              “A” and “Z” Stamp Certificate for Hips and Elbows

                              Haemophilia Certificate if the dog is imported or is from an imported Dam

What questions do I ask the owner of the Stud Dog?

1. Is the Stud Dog owner happy to accept your bitch to his/her dog?

2. Is a veterinary check for breeding soundness required e.g. a Swab Certificate?

3. Do you require progesterone test/s prior to mating?

4. Is the dog available about the approximate time your bitch should be ready to mate?

5. What is the stud fee? How much? When and how paid?

OR  Is there a service fee? How much? When do I pay it? When would the remainder of the Stud fee be paid and how much will it be?  What form of payment is acceptable?

6. If I pay a Service fee and my bitch fails to conceive do I pay another Service fee when I return to use the dog?

7. What is considered a litter? 2 live puppies? 3 live puppies? Or?

8. What happens if my bitch fails to conceive?  Do you offer a return for this bitch? Or can I bring another bitch? Or is there any other alternative?

9. If my bitch fails to conceive how long do I have to use the Stud fee?

10. Are there any circumstances when the stud fee or Service fee would be refunded?