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Class Donations - Trophy/Memento and Sashes

Opportunities to support the 2015 National are now open! Donations towards the trophy/memento's and sashes provided for all classes are welcome!.Your support will be recognised and listed in the 2015 National catalogue.    Thankyou to all those listed !

If you'd like to be involved and donate to assist with the running of the National Show and Trial , please contact Jenny Yuen on 03 9796 1718 or email

Thankyou all  !!!

Class Trophy/Memento Sash
Open Dog Western branch GSDCV
Western branch GSDCV
Open Bitch The Mathers Family
Chris Hollingworth
Intermediate Dog Frank & Val Moody
Frank & Val Moody
Intermediate Bitch James & Louisa Rodger James & Louisa Rodger
Junior Dog Dr. Candy Baker
Vonpeta Kennels - Jane Pike & Peter Damarell
Junior Bitch Stirling Lodge Boarding Kennels - Pat & Nicky McDermott  Stirling Lodge Boarding Kennels - Pat & Nicky McDermott 
Puppy Dog Grand Manor Motor Inn
Grand Manor Motor Inn
Puppy Bitch Hillmagic Kennels
Hillmagic Kennels
Minor Puppy Dog Aquapaws Canine Rehabilitation & Fitness
Aquapaws Canine Rehabilitation & Fitness
Minor Puppy Bitch Aquapaws Canine Rehabilitation & Fitness Aquapaws Canine Rehabilitation & Fitness
Baby Puppy Dog Siegerheim Kennels
Fran Farley
Baby Puppy Bitch Brank & Chris Auwema
Brank & Chris Auwema
LSC Open Dog Dienamic Kennels - Shelley & Paul Diegan
Simonelli Kennels - Shirley Petrella and the late Rudy Petrella
LSC Open Bitch Alimanda Kennels
Beautrae Kennels
LSC Intermediate Dog Grand Manor Motor Inn
Hillmagic Kennels
LSC Intermediate Bitch Zibellina Kennels
Zibellina Kennels
LSC Junior Dog Hillmagic Kennels
Grand Manor Motor Inn
LSC Junior Bitch yourkids children & youth services
Uhlmsdorf Kennels
LSC Puppy Dog Karham Kennels Karham Kennels
LSC Puppy Bitch Ubiqque & Bozeeb Kennels
Beautrae Kennels
LSC Minor Puppy Dog Bodecka Kennels - Jenny Joseph
Margy Raff & Shaun Schembri
LSC Minor Puppy Bitch Lordavo Kennels
Jenny Kenworthy
LSC Baby Puppy Dog Convenience Advertising Queensland
Siobahn Kennels - Yvonne Yun
LSC Baby Puppy Bitch Volkan Cevik
Siobahn Kennels - Yvonne Yun
Community Companion Dog Bendigo branch GSDCV
Bendigo branch GSDCV
Novice Longbeach Consulting - Project Management
Longbeach Consulting - Project Management
Open Skye branch GSDCV
Skye branch GSDCV
Utility K & R Knuckey
K & R Knuckey
Utility Dog Excellent  Malvern branch GSDCV
Tonaker Kennels, South Australia
Rally Novice Gippsland branch GSDCV
Gippsland branch GSDCV
Rally Advanced A Eastern branch GSDCV
Eastern branch GSDCV
Rally Advanced B  .
Geelong branch GSDCV
Rally Excellent A  .
Rally Excellent B  .
Malvern branch GSDCV
Youth Handlers 7-9 years John Delucia
John Delucia
Youth Handlers 10-12 years Misteishah Kennels
Misteishah Kennels
Youth Handlers 13-18 years Galifrae Fishing
Galifrae Fishing
General Donations

Show branch GSDCV

Barry & Christine Newson

Narnia Kennels

Jenny & Dennis Yuen

Shirley Taylor

Memorial Plaques Award Donated by
  Walter Reimann - Open Dog GSDCV
Roy Brabham - Open Bitch GSDCSA
Max Stokes - Junior Bitch Vince and Frances Tantaro
Rick Richardson - Winner of Winners GSDAWA
David O'Rourke - Dual Performance GSDL
Sam Bonifacio - Breeders GSDCA