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The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Inc. (GSDCV) is a non-profit organisation, and the official custodian of the breed in Victoria and is dedicated to the improvement, promotion and protection of the German Shepherd Dog. 

The club encourages fellowship and strives to assist in the education of its members, and the public, to a better understanding of the breed, responsible breeding practices, and responsible dog ownership.

Alexa & Bear - Herding in Germany

If you could travel to Germany with your GSD to herd sheep, would you???

Well, one of our members and keen herder Alexa McGauran and her dog Bear have done just that !! They have been there for 1 week now, and will spend the next 6 months working with German Master Shepherd Herr Georg Krieg, tending his sheep and learning. Alexa will be writing for the GSDCV's Shepherd News and the GSDCA Quarterly Review, so keep an eye out for articles, but in the meant time, follow Alexa & Bear's blog !! http://herdingingermany.blogspot.com.au/

Honouring all dogs that have served Australia, past and present

War Dog Memorial

On behalf of Merilyn Syme O.A.M., and the War Dogs Memorial Committee, please find here the link for our GoFundMe page to raise donations for the erection of a memorial at KCC Park. 


Please share this link with as many people as possible so that a memorial and reflection garden can be finalised. Please consider donating. Purple poppies badges are availabale at GSDCV branches.

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Current GSDCV members wanting to renew their membership can do so online.

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Breed Survey - what's it all about ?

Watch the video below to find out all about Breed Survey - watch the dogs at survey, see what happens, whats involved and what does it all mean?  (12min video, 80MB)

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