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The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Inc. (GSDCV) is a non-profit organisation, and the official custodian of the breed in Victoria and is dedicated to the improvement, promotion and protection of the German Shepherd Dog. 

The club encourages fellowship and strives to assist in the education of its members, and the public, to a better understanding of the breed, responsible breeding practices, and responsible dog ownership.

Endurance Test Image Slideshow

The GSDCV Open Endurance Test was a great success on June 18th. Congratulations to all handlers, their super fit dogs and their support crews who completed the 20km test. Well Done !!

Images below (courtesy Jacinta Poole). To view the full slideshow, click the title (ie slideshow A). Originals available, contact webmaster@gsdcv.org.au

 Slideshow A
 Slideshow B

Structural Assessment

Breed Affairs along with the Northern Branch will be conducting a Structural Assessment on June 25 commencing at approximately 1.00pm. This is an ideal opportunity for members from any Branch to learn more about their dog and the German Shepherd Dog. Except for a minimum age of 18 months, there are no qualifications for entry, simply register your interest and get involved on the day. Forms can be accessed from your Chief Instructor or Breed Liaison Officer.
How does the assessment operate?
An assessment loosely follows a GSDCA Breed Survey. Informally applying the GSD Breed Standard, an anatomical description of your dog will be noted. Reaction to the gun and notations of character, demeanor etc will also be observed with all details later recorded on a certificate for you to keep. Please note that a Breed Assessment is in no way a recommendation for future breeding.
At the end of proceedings there will be a discussion of the day’s events including an overview of the GSD. You can also join an obedience class at 2.00pm and make it a really great social and educational day for you and your dog. Catering will be available. Northern is situated within Bundoora Park, Plenty Road Bundoora. For any further enquiries please call Terry Taukus 0439 003468

GSDCA Breed Survey Forum Feedback SURVEY

The GSDCA are conductiing a survey to gain feedback from members about the Breed Survey Scheme. This will be discussed at the National Breed Commission meeting at the end of July.

Members, please complete the survey to have your say !

Visit the survey www.gsdcouncilaustralia.org/breed-survey-forum-feedback/

2016 National Images

Images from the 2016 National Show & Trial, held in Sydney March 25-27th 2016.

To view the full slideshow in full, click on the daily title. Images courtesy Jacinta Poole (full size available)

Day 1 - Baby Puppy, Minor & Junior Dog & Bitch, Day 2 - Sires progeny, Breeders groups & Opening Cermony, SC Intermediate Bitch, Day 3 - Open Dog & Bitch

Friday, Day 1 Saturday, Day 2  
Sunday, Day 3 Junior Showmanship

Moomba Parade 2016

What a great day for the GSDCV in the 2016 Moomba parade as the King & Queen's courtiers. ~85,000 people lined St. Kilda road for the parade and all loved our dogs. Our 10 fabulous GSD's also loved every minute of it with lots of cheers down the route from the public. The dogs were very popular & perfect breed ambassadors - patient, entertaining and unphased during the excitement of the day. Thanks to all involved and those who made it happen.
Here's all the pics from our big day - there's lots more to it than the parade. Great chance to interact with the public and the dogs love it. Well done to all our team - Merran Hamilton & Kaiser, Gayle Johnston & Al, Jacinta Poole & Dizzy, Lisa Bateman and Indi, Nicki McDermott & Winnie, Chris Mayo & Merlin, Vince Ebejer & Jipcee, Sue Hounslow & Shiloh, Lyn McPherson & Shiraz, Dearne Jackson & Polly and helpers Grant Milne (video), Lin Milne (photographer), Donna Bradley (parade leader) and Mike Fajdiga (banner carrier) !

view the full slideshow view the full slideshow

National Show RESULTS

Complete results from the National Show & Trial are available here

Breed Survey - what's it all about ?

Watch the video below to find out all about Breed Survey - watch the dogs at survey, see what happens, whats involved and what does it all mean?  (12min video, 80MB)

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